Utility Coordination  Services

Our team of utility experts has the industry knowledge, experience and expertise to provide you with the following utility consulting services:
  1. Feasibility Studies

    Review onsite and surrounding utility infrastructure to determine source locations, confirm capacity for each utility and outline potential new service and relocation utility costs

  2. Utility Relocation

    Coordinate with utility companies to design relocation projects for both overhead and underground scenarios

  3. New Services

    Coordinate with utility companies to complete designs to provide new services

  4. Main Line Extensions

    Coordinate with utility companies to complete designs to extend mainline feeders for new developments

  5. Conduit System Design

    Draft conduit system/duct bank designs including manhole blowouts and cross sections

  6. Road Crossing Design

    Draft master road crossing plan to insure proper conduit placement for all utilities

  7. Vault Designs

    Coordinate with the local power company to complete vault designs and obtain required vault designs

  8. Redundant Utility System Designs

    Coordinate with utility companies to complete designs that provide multiple service points to new buildings and provide backup services to minimize outage time

  9. Installations

    Coordinate with utility companies and contractors for the installation and termination of infrastructure for new services, mainline extensions and relocation projects

  10. Easement Coordination

    Drafting of easement plats and coordination with utility companies to obtain required deeds and plats

  11. Encroachment Coordination

    Coordinate with utility companies for required encroachment permits to allow proposed infrastructure within existing easements

  12. Disconnects

    Coordinate with utility companies for disconnection of existing utilities to allow for building demolition permits

  13. Temporary Services

    Coordinate with utility companies for designs necessary to provide temporary services for construction activities and trailer compounds

  14. Streetlight Design

    Provide streetlight design layouts as well as coordinate with local power company and municipalities for required streetlight designs and installs

Our Experience

As a company built on relationships, Davis Utility Consulting utilizes its core values of perseverance, innovation and integrity to exceed customer expectations in everything we do. This dedication to unparalleled customer service allows our customers to save time and money while focusing on other aspects of their business. At Davis Utility Consulting, we provide you with the reports to keep management up to date on all project activities and specialize in the coordination and project management of all dry utilities.

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