Municipality Projects

Police Facility in the City of Alexandria, VA

Utility Relocation

  • Overhead Pole Line Conversion to Underground – Coordination with Dominion VA Power and Verizon to relocate existing overhead facilities to underground while maintaining existing services across the street.
  • Coordination with Comcast to relocate existing underground facilities out of conflict with proposed improvements.

Mainline Services

  • Coordination with Dominion, Verizon, Comcast, and Washington Gas for service designs and easements required.
  • Completed conceptual layout including conduit and device locations for each utility to follow while completing their respective designs.
  • Worked with adjacent landowner for additional easement needed.
  • Redundant Service – worked with Verizon for options to obtain a redundant service feed for diversification.


  • Coordination with contractor and civil engineer for the installation of conduit system to facilitate utility installs once the site is ready.
  • Coordination with Dominion, Verizon, Comcast and Washington Gas construction departments for the installation of all utilities once the site is ready.


  • Coordination with private utility locator and general contractor to identify private streetlight feeds for disconnect and removal of some lights while maintaining service to other lights that will remain.
  • Coordination with Dominion for removal of old lights and the installation of the new required streetlights.

Utility Relocation

  • Coordinated with NOVEC’s engineer to obtain a relocation design and cost to relocate (8) NOVEC three-phase overhead power poles in conflict with site improvements.

Verizon Fiber Coordination

  • Coordinated with Verizon engineer to allow an existing fiber optic line to remain as is during the installation of a new turn lane.

AT&T Encroachment Permit

  • Coordinated with AT&T engineers for encroachment permit needed to facilitate the installation of storm drain and sanitary sewer lines across the existing AT&T easement.

Mainline Services

  • Completed conceptual utility layout for NOVEC, Verizon, Comcast and Washington Gas utility routes, conduit requirements and device locations.
  • Coordinated with each utility for designs and easements required to service the school.
  • Coordination with Washington Gas for main line extension of approximately 4500’ to service the school site.

Elementary School in Loudoun County, VA

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